ACGNJ Java Users Group - 2019 Year in Review

The ACGNJ Java Users Group had an excellent year in 2019. We held 12 meetings (two meetings in October and the usual summer break in August) and hosted eight (8) well-known Java industry leaders:
  • January 8 - Donald Raab presented "Invest in Your Java Katalogue."
  • February 18 - Chandra Guntur presented "Alternates to Java Reflection and Unsafe Usage."
  • March 12 - Gladwin Burboz presented "Understanding Facebook/Google Authentication with Spring Boot 2.x Demo (Hands-On)."
  • April 2 -  Christian Engelbert presented "Instan(t)a-neous Monitoring."
  • July 23 - Matt Raible presented "Mobile Development with Ionic, React Native and JHipster."
  • October 8 - Reza Rahman presented "Java on Azure: How Microsoft Learned to Love Java."
  • October 22 - Ray Tsang presented "Serverless Kotlin with App Engine."
  • November 18 - Micah Silverman presented "Beautiful SDK Design in Java for APIs."
The rest of the year featured presentations by myself:
  • May 14 - "Building Microservices with Micronaut: A Full-Stack JVM-Based Framework."
  • June 17 - "Technical Overview of Okta Java SDK."
  • September 10 - "Technical Overview of MicroProfile."
  • December 3 - "Building Microservices with Helidon: Oracle's New Java Framework."
Other 2019 accomplishments included:
This was indeed another excellent year and I look forward to 2020. Here are the topics and speakers confirmed for the first quarter:

  • Tuesday, January 14 - "Getting Started with Quarkus" present by myself.
  • Thursday, February 13 - A presentation by Mark Heckler, Spring Developer advocate at Pivotal (please stay tuned for details).
  • Tuesday, March 10 - "Building Robust Applications with the MicroProfile APIs: A Live Coding Event" presented by myself.

Please mark your calendars for Tuesday, January 14, 2020. I hope to see you there!

Happy New Year and Best Regards,



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