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September 12, 2006 ACGNJ Java Users Group Meeting (One (1) Video iPod to be Raffled Off!)

This month, we welcome Aaron Mulder from Chariot Solutions who will introduces us to the open source Apache Geronimo application server from the perspective of a J2EE developer. Do you have experience developing J2EE applications, but no idea how to get started with Geronimo? Or perhaps wonder how to compare Geronimo to JBoss or Tomcat? Aaron will cover the Geronimo server's features, installation and management, deployment plan syntax, included tools, debugging options, and more. He'll also look at the logs, the management console, setting up database pools and JMS resources and security realms, how to hook Geronimo up to your build scripts and IDE for deployment and debugging, and how to take advantage of Geronimo plugins to leverage additional features from scheduling and reporting to J2EE 5. Aaron Mulder is the Chief Technical Officer of Chariot Solutions where he helps companies with their Java, J2EE, and Open Source architecture challenges. When not consulting,

My First Experience at the No Fluff, Just Stuff Symposium

The 2006 No Fluff, Just Stuff (NFJS) Symposium Tour made it's way through the New York area on August 18-20, 2006 at the Four Points at Sheraton Hotel in Newark, New Jersey. This symposium series has been touring the country every year since 2002, but I first learned about it when Barry Burd attended his first symposium in 2005 to interview some of the industry experts while honing his Java skills. His interviews, by the way, can be found on Java Boutique . Barry, a regular attendee at the ACGNJ Java Users Group , raved about his experience at the symposium. When I first learned that this year's tour would come through Newark, I knew that I had to attend. Before I even had a chance to talk to my boss about attending, I happened to win a full registration pass at one of Yakov Fain's Princeton Java Users Group meetings. Yakov raffled off a total of two (2) such passes at his June and July meetings. My experience was better than I had expected. Jay Zimmerman does an ou

Kaffee with Mike

Welcome to Mike's Java Cafe! Come on in, relax, and have a cup of Java so that we can discuss Java, the programming language. I've been facilitating the ACGNJ Java Users Group in Scotch Plains, New Jersey since February 2001. We meet on the second Tuesday of the month at the Scotch Plains Rescue Squad. Meetings are open to the public, so if you happen to live in the greater New York area, and have a chance to visit, please stop by to say, "hello." I look forward to discussing Java with you, and hope to meet you at a future Java Users Group meeting. Enjoy!