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ACGNJ Java Users Group - 2018 Year in Review

The ACGNJ Java Users Group had an excellent year in 2018 surpassing our 2017 accomplishments. We held our usual 11 meetings (summer break in August) and hosted seven (7) well-known Java industry leaders: January 9 - Jason Young presented "Introduction to Java 9." March 19 - Venkat Subramaniam presented "Twelve Ways to Make Your Code Suck Less." April 10 - Ben Evans presented "Gambling with Leopards." May 8 - Chandra Guntur presented "Garbage Collection - The Journey Until Java 11" October 9 - Jeanne Boyarsky presented "Java 11 - Keeping the Java Release Train on the Right Track." November 13 - Reza Rahman presented "What is CQRS+Event Sourcing and Why Java Developers Should Care." December 17 - Chandra Guntur , Donald Raab , Barry and I participated in a Java open-source panel where we shared our own contributions to open-source projects. We also had a remote presentation by Scott Stoll and Nash Ramdial on Fl