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Preview - December 2017 ACGNJ Java Users Group Meeting

I am happy to announce that Donald Raab will visit the ACGNJ Java Users Group on December 12, 2017.  He will present, " API Deep Dive: Designing Eclipse Collections " at the Scotch Plains Rescue Squad (second floor) starting at 7:30pm. When designing an API, its authors have to consider many aspects: style, naming, scope, and implementation details are among these aspects. They have a direct impact on the resulting code, and its implementation can go in many different directions. How do you choose the best route to go? How do you guarantee consistency and performance across the framework? In this session, the mastermind behind Eclipse Collections (and previously GS Collections) shares the design choices he had to face and how he did it, the impact on different implementation strategies, and how the framework became a Eclipse project. Come take a look behind the curtains of a widely used API that has many years of development and that you can c

Summary - Reza Rahman Visit with the ACGNJ Java Users Group

The October 2017 ACGNJ Java Users Group meeting featured guest speaker, Reza Rahman . He presented " Java EE 8 and Java EE 9: What You Need to Know ." He outlined the past, present, and future of Java EE, reviewed notable JSRs within Java EE 8, and what's on the horizon. Rahman also discussed the stagnation of Java EE , the emergence of the Java EE Guardians , and the events that lead to where Java EE is today. You can read all the details including Q&A with Rahman on my InfoQ news piece,  Eclipse Foundation Prepares to Open Source Java EE as EE4J .