Garden State Java User Group - 2022 Year in Review

As our second full year operating as the newly-branded Garden State Java User Group came to a close, it's time to reflect on what we have accomplished in 2022.

Along with providing awesome speakers and Java-related topics, our continued participation in the Java community included:

  • Having renewed our membership in the MicroProfile Working Group as a contributing member.
  • Having adopted the new Jakarta Data specification to complement our adoption of Jakarta NoSQL specification.  I am also happy to announce that I was elected as a committer for both of these specifications.
  • Having joined the Jakarta EE Working Group as a guest member.
  • Our participation in the Java in Education initiative.

We will continue our participation in these initiatives in 2023.

We were also fortunate to have been sponsored by these wonderful organizations:

We also welcomed a new advisor: Nicole Krysa, who joined our leadership team in the fourth quarter. We look forward to working with her!

And finally, we had an awesome slate of speakers this past year:

  • January 11: Billy Korando presented "Forward with Java 18 and Beyond!"
  • February 10: Emily Jiang presented "MicroProfile 4.1, 5.0 and Beyond"
  • March 8: Mary Grygleski presented "Event Messaging for the Best of Both Worlds"
  • April 5: Venkat Subramaniam presented "Refactoring from Imperative to Functional Style"
  • May 10: Bruno Souza presented "Be A Better Java Developer, Learn Faster and Get More Results: It's All About the Skills!"
  • June 14: Edson Yanaga presented "Coding That Sparks Joy With Quarkus"
  • July 12: Bazlur Rahman presented "Your Java Code in the Fastlane: Creating a Million Virtual Threads Using Project Loom to Improve Throughput"
  • September 13: Andres Almiray presented "Getting Started with JReleaser: A Hands-On Workshop"
  • October 11: Nicolai Parlog presented "Java Next! From Amber to Loom, from Panama to Valhalla"
  • November 8: Lightning Talks by Drew University students (details below) and Allard Buijze presenting "Event-Driven Microservices - Beyond the Fairy Tale"
  • December 13: Justin Lee presented "Generate Some Code for Great Good"

The three lightning talks featured:

  • Ryan Kulyassa presented “Web Scraping JSON with JSoup and MongoDB
  • Melvin Matias presented “Living on the Edge: Computation Closer to the User
  • Naria Rush presented “Exploring the Metaverse: What It Is and Isn't

And finally, many thanks to you - the attendees - who have supported the Garden State Java User Group this past year.  We look forward to seeing you in 2023!

Happy New Year and Best Regards,



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