Honored to be a Java EE Guardian!

I am happy to announce that my request to join the Java EE Guardians was recently accepted!

I first learned about the Java EE Guardians almost two years ago while writing my InfoQ news piece about Oracle's sudden slowdown in the development of Java EE 8 and the response by the Java community. It was during that time the Java EE Guardians were born.

Reza Rahman, former Oracle evangelist and now senior architect at CapTech Consulting, led the creation of the Java EE Guardians. I was impressed with their charter and have followed along with their activities ever since.

I am honored to be part of a membership that includes notable members such as the father of Java, James Gosling, along with JUG leaders, JCP experts, spec leads, bloggers, authors, and speakers. All you need is a passion for Java EE, now Jakarta EE, and be active in the community.

If you have such a passion for Jakarta EE and interested in membership, please send an e-mail to their Google Group.


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