ACGNJ Java Users Group - 2017 Year in Review

The ACGNJ Java Users Group had a banner year in 2017.  We held our usual 11 meetings (summer break in August) and hosted five (5) well-known Java experts:

  • April 11 - Elliotte Rusty Harold presented "Exceptions: I'm Telling You for the Last Time."
  • May 9 - Victor Grazi presented "Reactive Programming by Example."
  • May 30 - Viktor Gamov presented "The Splendors and Miseries of Distributed Streams."
  • October 10 - Reza Rahman presented "Java EE 8 and Java EE 9: What You Need to Know."
  • December 12 - Donald Raab presented "API Deep Dive: Designing Eclipse Collections."

This is indeed a first for our quirky little JUG to host this many Java experts in one year.  The rest of the year featured presentations by our regular "cast of characters:"

  • January 10 - "Technical Overview of Speedment" presented by myself.
  • February 27 - "Getting Started with JavaFX" presented by Scot Jenkins.
  • March 28 - "Technical Overview of jOOQ" presented by myself.
  • June 13 - "Android and the Internet of Things" presented by Barry Burd.
  • July 11 - "Yearly Review & Planning Meeting" facilitated by myself.
  • September 12 - "Swift Programming for Java Developers" presented by Barry Burd.
  • November 14 - "Java Programming Standards & Conventions: When Style Triumphs over Substance" presented by Bruce Spilker.

I believe we had a great selection of topics this year and I look forward to 2018.  We kick off the year by welcoming Jason Young who will present "Introduction to Java 9" on January 9.  And stay tuned for details on our special visit by Venkat Subramaniam in March.


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