Summary - Trenton Computer Festival 2017

The 42nd annual Trenton Computer Festival (TCF) was held on Friday, March 17 (TCF IT Professional Conference) and Saturday, March 18 (regular show).

At the TCF IT Professional Conference, I presented "Building Realtime Data Apps with Speedment."  Many thanks to Per-Åke Minborg, CTO of Speedment, for his support.

My schedule allowed me to attend only the morning sessions of the conference.  I attended the following talks before and after mine.

Andrew Murran, Senior Cyber Security Engineer with Sila Solutions Group presented "Rebooting Software Development."  He focused on the philosophies of why developers choose the path of least resistance to ultimately write poor, therefore less secure code.  Andrew also demonstrated that it is possible to change that path of least resistance to write good, quality code that is more secure.

Howard Deiner, a software consultant and educator who specializes in Agile process and practices, presented "How We Get Agile Transformations Wrong By Trying to Do It All So Right."  He talked about the good, the bad, and the ugly of agile development and his thoughts on the direction on which it should turn to make things right again.

You can learn more about this year's IT Professional Conference from the Program Book.

At the regular show, I presented the five (5) talks that comprise the track, Object-Oriented Programming University:
TCF was happy to have Dr. Greg Olsen, President at GHO Ventures, speak at the show and the banquet.  His presented "Tale of Two Teslas" at the show where there were a few Teslas on display.  At the banquet, described his experiences preparing for and being launched into space where he spent time at the International Space Station.

This year's keynote address was presented by Professor Raj Rajkumar, George Westinghouse Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.  His keynote focused on the past, present, and future of autonomous vehicles including the possibility of eliminating traffic lights as these vehicles will have the ability to communicate with each other.  Professor Rajkumar also discussed the autonomous vehicle activities at Carnegie Mellon with their own self-driving Cadillac.

At the Saturday evening banquet, I was happy to present the Amateur Computer Group of New Jersey (ACGNJ) Hobbyist-of-the-Year award to Professor Barry Burd.  Barry is a Professor of Math and Computer Science at Drew University.  He has been a regular attendee of the ACGNJ Java Users Group for the past 14 years and has presented many times at the Java meetings and other ACGNJ-sponsored events.

This year's TCF was indeed a great success with many first-time attendees.  We hope they return for many more TCFs to come.


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