Preview - Reza Rahman to Visit the ACGNJ Java Users Group

I am happy to announce that Reza Rahman will visit the ACGNJ Java Users Group on October 10, 2017.  He will present, "Java EE 8 and Java EE 9 - What You Need to Know" at the Scotch Plains Rescue Squad (second floor) starting at 7:30pm.

The process of defining the scope for Java EE 8 was the most community opinion driven in the history of the platform.   Java EE 8 is supposed to solidly enable HTTP/2, Server-Sent Events (SSE), JSON and aligning all parts of the platform with Java SE 8.  It includes a much awaited security API overhaul, a brand new MVC API as well as a slew of critical updates to APIs like JSF, JMS, JPA, JAX-RS and CDI.  Unfortunately the road to Java EE 8 has not been smooth.  After a long and silent delay Oracle announced updated plans for Java EE 8 and Java EE 9.  The plans now include adding support for dynamic configuration, health-checks, NoSQL, fat-jars, eventual consistency, multi-tenancy, dynamic discovery and circuit breakers.

This session will explain the course of events including the details of what is proposed for Java EE 8 and Java EE 9. Reza will also discuss the critical role Java EE and it's APIs play in maintaining the health of the entire Java ecosystem. 

Stay tuned for a summary after his presentation!


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